Holidays bring families together, kind of like how everyone seems to gather around the chips and salsa and other appetizers before devouring a delicious holiday meal (You can’t tell me my family is the only one!) Easter this year brought many amazing things: my son, Henry’s, first Easter, early morning mass and egg hunt, time spent with family and friends, and to top it off, I had the opportunity to meet the entire Long family just before sunset in downtown Ashland. After spending Easter a lot differently in 2020, I think everyone truly cherished documenting these moments that were worth remembering, and we did not take this time together for granted!

THIRTY-SEVEN years, three children, and thirteen grandchildren.

Holy smokes!

Chuck and Lori have not only built an incredible life together, but they have shown their family what it’s like to grow and support each other in so many different ways. While doing different breakouts during the session, I absolutely loved the closeness that was so apparent between the two of them, and the way Chuck would share his sly smile in the direction of his wife, who is quite literally the nicest human being of all time. While some couples appear shy at first when they are in front of the camera, I loved how Chuck and Lori got lost in each other, while also clearly enjoying the time spent with their entire family…

….Time that included a DANCE PARTTYYY! Maybe everyone thought I was crazy but letting the kids take a few moments to let loose, allowing the adults to do the same, was the best mental break we could’ve done, and I couldn’t love this family more for getting into it!

Chuck, Lori, (and the rest of the fam), it was an absolute pleasure to meet all of you! I loved your spunkiness, your willingness to get silly and feel weird, and the fact that you were able to laugh through all of it! I hope these photos continue to be a wonderful memory of where you are all at in your lives and something you continue to treasure for many years to come!

God bless!