Kids are many things. Energetic, playful, stubborn, cute, and sometimes just plain fire balls, and my fall session with the Anderson family at Walnut Grove Park did not disappoint! Nicole, Blake, and their adorable three kids (who also happen to be my nieces and nephew!) left it all out there, so much that we enjoyed some family Mexican and margaritas for a treat after!

It may have been a bit breezy, but the golds, greens, and oranges that Sunday afternoon in Walnut Grove provided the perfect backdrop for creating some family memories. Kendall was looking adorable in her new outfit and bow, Cooper kept his mischievous grin and twinkle in his eye the entire time, and Quinn…well, you know. This pistol of an 18-month old was just about everywhere she could be!

Chaotic though it may have been, it was also perfect. I love the “smile-at-the-camera” shots and always include them in every gallery, but some of my most favorite are when the kids are just that – kids. They run, share their unique looks that they will soon grow out of, as well as those ornery grins (looking at you Quinn!), and then dart around and pick on their siblings because that’s what brothers and sisters do. It’s who they are in this day and age, and although some people may think annual family photos are stressful, I always encourage that they are always worth it. One day when the house is a little more quieter than usual, in the end the only memories that you can physically feel and touch to ignite those moments of the days gone by are photographs.

Blake and Nicole, thanks for allowing me to capture these precious moments for you guys! We got some great shots of the kids and their angelic faces, as well as the ones that capture them in their day-to-day natural setting, and I hope you enjoy them as much as i do!

P.S. Enjoy the bloopers to come in the larger gallery as well 😉 They’re too priceless to empty into the trash can and as their aunt, I can’t wait to see them in their graduation scrapbook, as well as their wedding slideshow one day!