I mean, there’s cute and adorable babies, and then there’s Baby Brooklyn–The sweetest, snuggliest, little girl with the most adorable tuft of hair on top her head that takes it to a whole other level! Add to that, her parents, Don and Nikki, have the most photogenic and laid back attitude, and I was in baby heaven photographing their sweet angel’s entrance into the world.

When I arrived at the Buresh household, I could not believe two things: one, how incredibly nice and welcoming they were, and two, how ADORABLE Baby Brooklyn was! For two hours I got to capture the sweetest little family in the most UNBELIEVABLY cute house while learning their story. One of my most favorite parts about sessions is learning what makes each family unique, and the Buresh’s was no different!

Brooklyn was born on June 22nd, 2021, a whole four weeks before her due date. Maybe caught a little off guard by the abrupt arrival into parenthood, Nikki and Don arose to the challenge and didn’t mind one bit. To them it just meant four more weeks of baby snugs and loving on their most precious baby girl. Being a couple months old already, Brooklyn was a lot more awake than most newborns I shoot, but it ended up being pretty amazing!  Her big, beautiful eyes took in everything she could until alas, she fell asleep on her mama when we took a stroll outside on the most beautiful summer’s night.

Nikki and Don, I can’t say enough congratulations on your new addition! Brooklyn is such a blessing, one that I know you both won’t take for granted. I hope you feel these photos illustrate just how much Baby Brooklyn loves and adores the both of you already, and even though you may be feeling a little tired, I just wanted to let you know you are absolutely crushing it! Congratulations again, and thank you for letting me capture your sweet little family!