All of Lynsey’s life, she’s dreamt of this moment. The one where she finds out that she is about to become a mother. You know the one. The moment when time stands still when you see those two pink lines for the first time, and your entire world shifts, knowing full well that nothing will ever be the same again. From that second on, she gave her entire heart to this precious little human being growing inside her. Boy or girl, it didn’t even matter. Just making sure he/she already knew they were already SO loved by both their Mom and Dad was the most important thing, and that they would have their love and support for the rest of their lives.

To capture this precious life moment, I took Lynsey and Joel to Chalco Hills Recreational Area in Omaha, Nebraska. For February, it was a balmy 45 degrees outside, and Lynsey radiated that pregnancy glow that boasts pure joy and wonderment at the miracle growing inside her. As the winter sun set behind them when Joel had his arms around Lynsey and his palm on her growing belly, the lake behind them lit up with sparkles. I was in complete shock at the magic that appeared before me. It was absolutely stunning, and only God alone could have painted that picture so perfectly.

Lynsey and Joel, I had the best time photographing your winter maternity session and felt so honored that you trusted me to capture this sweet season in your life. Your baby girl is so lucky to have you as parents, and I know beyond a doubt that she already has you both wrapped around her little finger! What made this session even more special, is that I was able to witness my niece’s first professional photoshoot. I should have known looking back at how well you played house when we were younger, that not only would you rock this pregnancy, but that you’ll rock the next chapter of parenthood as well!

Here’s to the next chapter of love and laughter in your story!