Talk about #ModelStatus! I loved being able to capture Emily in her senior prom dress at Lilac Hill, in Louisville, Nebraska, after what has quite possibly been the most INSANE senior year anyone can ever remember.

Senior year is supposed to be the time of your life! It’s when you are finally at the top of the totem pole and creating all sorts of lasting memories with your best friends who you’ve known since you were three years old. Capturing these memories, including the ones from your senior prom, is what everyone gets to do every year, right?


Who would’ve thought that a national pandemic would alter the course of events as Emily’s senior year would be winding down. No prom, no senior retreat, no state track, no graduation…. It’s almost as if her senior year came to a screeching halt, where she couldn’t quite move forward until she closed the previous chapter of her life.

Even with all the headaches to what has been an immensely stressful and confusing spring, you never would have known it by talking to this gem of a human. Instead of feeling down about everything that didn’t go quite according to plan, Emily’s sweet disposition and bubbly personality is the most contagious thing I’ve ever witnessed. She exudes joy at every turn, and I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t walk away a better person having known her.

Em, I am SO glad we were able to capture these beautiful portraits of you in your stunning red senior prom dress, as well as capture your and Katie’s friendship! You looked absolutely beautiful, and I was so happy that you were able to make some lasting memories, even though they might not have been the ones you originally had in mind!

Congratulations on graduating high school, and good luck at Wayne State! You will make an incredible nurse and anyone who comes in contact with your beautiful smile and gorgeous blue eyes will be incredibly blessed!