One thing I’ve realized through documenting numerous couples’ love stories and my almost 30+1 years of life is how much timing plays a significant role in relationships. Such was the case when I had the privilege to learn a little bit more about Brandon and Grace’s journey during their gorgeous engagement session at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, Nebraska.

There are not many things more stunning than a late June summer’s evening in Sunken Gardens. At least that was my initial thought before I saw Grace and Brandon holding hands, walking towards me to begin their session. They make such a cute couple and share such a strong, natural bond that it was hard for me to imagine these high school sweethearts being separated for a couple years before reconnecting in college. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been, especially because once I saw them together, I for the life of me couldn’t imagine them apart!

From the get go, Brandon and Grace encompassed everything that helps bring a session to life! Their joy, excitement, authenticity, and love for each other was so naturally apparent from the simple ways they snuggled into each other, gave each other sideways glances, and then went in for some little kisses when they thought I wasn’t looking. They took the little moments and created big ones and IT. JUST. FLOWED. I was blown away by their connection, what they’ve been through, and what their future holds!

Grace and Brandon, you are such an amazing couple! I am beyond happy Brandon bought his friend pizza to sneakily grab Grace’s Snapchat info, thus starting your blessed journey together! Both of your guys’ energy was intoxicating, and I had a blast capturing your new beginning! I hope whenever you hear “I Lost It” by Kenny Chesney, it takes you back to everything you’ve been through as a couple and everything you have to look forward to. Individually, you are strong, but together you are unbreakable and can handle any curve balls life throws your way!

Congratulations on your upcoming May wedding! I wish you both the happiest life together!! It was such an honor to get to know the both of you!