Life doesn’t always go according to plan…

Such was the case when I received a concussion just a mere two days before my session with the Hollingsworth family…..who was coming from out-of-state.


It’s in times like this that I am SO thankful for 1) the most amazing and understanding clients and 2) amazingly talented fellow photographer friends that can help in times of emergency! I have never had anything like this happen before, but I was beyond thankful that my friend, Heather, was able to take the vision I had spoken about with Allison for their extended family session and turn it into reality at Chalco Hills in Omaha, Nebraska! It is also a relief knowing that there are photographers, who just like me, understand that sometimes life gets in the way and will have your back if you need it! I’m sure it’s also a relief to all of our clients as well: we will do everything within our power to not only give you beautiful images that you can treasure forever but an experience that makes it a fun and memorable occasion for everyone to enjoy!

Allison, even not having met you in person, I for one can vouch that you have a heart of gold! As I was looking through these pictures as I edited them, it is so evident in how much your family loves and cares for each other, and especially for you! I hope you find these images as beautiful as I do and find many places in your home to showcase the people you love the most!

I hope this surprise blog drop gives you a perk-me-up before your procedure today!! Good luck & God bless! Many more beautiful photos coming your way, as well as many prayers for a safe and healthy recovery!

Photos taken by @heatherhallphotography, edited by me, @amymalyphotography