What’s more difficult: the transition as husband and wife and no kids to dad and mom with one child? Or going from one child to two, with having both in diapers? It’s no question your first child changes your life completely. It is no longer just you and your husband as your main focus, but you have an actual tiny human being to take care of. But how exactly does your life change when your second child comes into the picture? Let me tell you, Kayla and Taylor made it look like the smoothest transition I’ve ever seen when they and their son, Ben, welcomed their newborn baby daughter, Josephine Ann, into the world. I was so honored to help capture these precious moments at their home in Wahoo, Nebraska, in late January.

As I pulled up in front of the cutest colonial house and walked through the front doors, I was immediately welcomed by Kayla, Taylor, Ben, and baby Josie. Josie was fast asleep with Toy Story (Ben’s favorite!) playing in the background. As I saw her for the first time, I was amazed at how much hair she had and how right she looked in Kayla’s arms. I could tell by the way Kayla held her that she was in complete awe of her daughter–which made capturing their pictures even more heartwarming! And when Josie’s fingers grasped around her finger, I’m pretty sure my heart dropped right then.

Kayla and Taylor, you have such a beautiful, growing family! Ben will make the best big brother, and I know Josie will continue to grow like a weed right in front of your eyes. I can’t wait to see them continue to grow into the toddlers, teenagers, and adults that I know they will become!

Congratulations again on your newest addition! And if you ever need someone to help babysit, feel free to reach out to Matt and I 😉 We definitely need the practice!