Fall is my favorite time of year! Not only is it football and volleyball season, but it’s also harvest and the time when the leaves turn stunning shades of gold, orange, and red like they did here in these photos at Pawnee Park in Columbus, Nebraska. Add to that, it’s also when many families get their annual family photography photos done. The opportunities for creating a unique experience are unlimited! Jumping in piles of leaves and family bonding was just the start of it for Tony and Julie’s family session in early November.

We were just about to wrap up the session, but there was no way I was going to leave that awesome pile of leaves Eli, Alivia, Brooke, and Ty painstakingly created when it wasn’t their turn for photos go untouched. It was utterly GIGANTIC!

And then it hit me. The most brilliant idea ever. What better way to keep a track family entertained, than to have a little competition?! Being the huge competitor that I am and being the youngest of five kids, I was always anxious to prove myself growing up, and I always loved beating my brother and sisters outright. “Letting someone win” no matter your age, was never a part of my household, and I loved that!

I had each of them line up a good 50 yards from the pile. Everyone from Tony, who is 6’3” to Ty, who is a whopping 30 pounds total. I then positioned myself in the perfect spot, and then I gave the order. “On your mark, get set, GO!”

What happened next was the most entertaining part of my week! Every member of this family put in 110% effort, and raced toward the pile like their lives depended on it. Before I knew it there was a whirlwind of flying leaves, leaves hitting faces, and a whole lot of laughter!

Tony and Julie, I absolutely LOVED capturing these memories of you and your kiddos! Watching them grow up and seeing their own unique personalities develop has been one of my absolute pleasures of being their aunt, and I hope these photos are ones that can be added to your years of memories made.

P.S. Tell Alivia and Brooke they are NOT allowed to get taller than me!