There are many things that can make my day, one of them being family sessions with the Requenez family! I had such a fun time with them doing all sorts of fun, crazy schemes to show just how they are as a family in their current stage of life at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, NE.

I think almost every mom has the same fear…That time will continue to pass faster than you can blink, and you won’t remember those special, little moments as clearly a few years down the road. The ones where Amelia is too old to give you spunky, goofy faces that enamor her personality to a tee, or the ones where Char is trying to explore everything around her and show you just how good at running she truly is (disclaimer: she’s freaky fast!). Or how her face shows you exactly what she’s thinking and how fascinated she is when she discovers new things.

Those ones.

Being a mama myself, I know how stressful and intimidating it can be to pick out outfits, get everyone to the session location on time, and pray, pray, prayyyy that my child behaves, so we can capture some beautiful photos because I want to remember this time in our lives. But more than that, as a mom I want to be IN the pictures. I want to remember how we are as a family in this certain time in our lives before life passes us by even faster. I don’t want to forget these priceless little moments that are irreplaceable, and as a photographer, I try my darnedest to make it the best and easiest experience possible.

Seth and Jen, Amelia and Char not only did amazing, but the hour we spent together was so much fun! I hope you love these images of your beautiful family as much as I do, and thank you again for trusting me to capture the most important part of your world! It’s something I never take lightly, and I am always blown away by how fast the girls grow! I love how they turned out, and I hope you are able to find some more space on your wall to showcase how precious your family is! Love you guys!