There it was. I saw it! That side glance Seth adoringly loves to give Jen out of the corner of his eye. It’s like some secret language they both share that no one else is able to speak, and you know what? I LOVE IT! During this session, these two love birds were very much caught up in each other, and I was just blessed to be able to be there in order to capture some of their numerous cute moments in Seth’s hometown of Wahoo, Nebraska. And the mosquitoes? It didn’t even phase ‘em during their entire engagement session!

Planning a wedding alone is stressful, not to mention trying to plan one during a national pandemic. I mean, who really even knew that was a thing just five months ago?! Through it all, it was very clear to me that Seth and Jen’s priorities were right where they needed to be, and they’ve handled the changes that have come their way with such grace it’s been nothing short of admirable. They’ve been focused on each other and are so excited to officially complete their family and start their lives together, and I’ve got to say, seeing how happy they make each other can’t help but put a smile on everyone’s face who meets them! And the fact that Seth proposed to Jen while they played barbies with their seven-year-old? PRICELESS! Their growing family is such a huge part of their lives that it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Seth and Jen, I can’t get over your cuteness or how in love you guys are! Amelia and Charlotte are so blessed to have you two as their parents, and I can’t wait to capture you tying the knot in just a WEEK’S time! I love you, and thank you so much for trusting me to be your wedding photographer!