Friday, August 7th, 2020, may be remembered as just another typical day to most Nebraska folks; however, to Seth and Jen, it will always be the day that they were finally able to tie the knot and officially become a family with their two beautiful girls. They said their vows surrounded by close friends and family at Hazel Abel Park in Lincoln, Nebraska, and let me just tell you, it was PERFECT!

The day dawned hot and humid, but as I pulled up to Hazel Abel and the beautiful, mature trees that surrounded this hidden gem in the heart of Lincoln, I was struck again by its disguised beauty. The flowers were in full bloom, and the fountain in the dead center of the courtyard created a magical backdrop to what would soon be Seth and Jen’s beginning of forever as they exchanged their vows with not a dry eye left in the house.

It was a day full of love, laughter, and nonstop support from their family and friends, while hugs and bright eyed smiles were shared in abundance. I’ll always remember this wedding as a day of celebration and thanksgiving with nothing but pure, absolute JOY! While COVID has been a major struggle for 2020 brides all over the nation, I feel as though it has also brought the meaning of what a wedding symbolizes back into reality. Your “wedding” is just one day, but your marriage is what lasts forever, and I have loved seeing my couples embrace the more intimate weddings that truly focus on them as a couple, while spending most of their day with their close loved ones cherishing the love the new bride and groom share for each other.

Seth and Jen, you guys make a stunning couple, and I am SO beyond happy for you! You are the most selfless people I know and have always put your family’s needs above your own for as long as I have known you. I’m so thankful the day came together just as you always imagined, and I am blessed that you chose me to help capture this special time in your family’s lives! I hope you stock up on James Arthur wine and get that full weekend sleeping and eating sushi in bed like you deserve. Just make sure to “cheers” a glass to your first year as husband and wife, as well as to your beautiful family!