It’s a pretty impressive feat to be married 25 years! Even more remarkable to raise four beautiful, well grounded children during that time span while building a life together as well. I absolutely loved capturing these moments for the Spicka family at Lilac Hill, and although we somehow picked quite literally the hottest and most humid day of the summer, it was ALL WORTH IT!

Most people think of doing annual family photos more while their kids are younger and noticeably change year to year with their fast growth and development. What they don’t realize is that there’s never a certain “moment in time” where these photos become any less important. It may take a little more coordination to get everyone together at the same time and place once they graduate high school, but I’ve realized that photos are truly priceless in what they represent: your family in the here and now, in this specific stage of life. Seeing how close this family was by their interactions and playful banter, I wish more families would take the time and effort to document their never ending story!

Steve and Janet, you have such a wonderful family, and I absolutely adored taking photos of them as well as the two of you! Twenty-five years is quite impressive, and the two of you as a couple were so much fun to be around!  I loved how you finished each other’s sentences and could communicate without words. It’s obvious you guys share a pretty amazing bond, and that example has definitely rubbed off on your children in the best possible way!

Congratulations also on your upcoming anniversary on September 16th! I hope you take the time to have a special date night to celebrate the amazing journey you’ve been on. I’m telling the truth when I say it is an incredible accomplishment and should be celebrated in the best way possible!

Cheers to the next 25, and thank you for being so wonderful! ♥️