They say becoming a parent changes your life, but what about becoming a parent during a national pandemic? I mean, who really knew that was even a thing?! When I took Lynsey and Joel’s maternity pictures in February, it wasn’t even a remote possibility in either of our minds that their friends and family wouldn’t be able to come visit them in the hospital to welcome their newborn little girl, Mackenzy Ann, into the world. Let alone, add to the fear that they somehow might not be able to keep her safe from COVID-19. Regardless of the craziness that is occurring in our world right now, I finally got to meet little Mackenzy when she was just a wee 7 days old when I traveled to Aurora, Nebraska, to capture this momentous occasion at Lynsey and Joel’s home.

When I stepped inside Lynsey and Joel’s living room, I immediately felt comforted. The April sun streaming in through the windows made little rainbows dance across every surface you could see. This quickly made a smile spread across my face because it reminded me of Lynsey and I’s Grandma who passed in 2014, and I knew she would have loved to be here in that moment welcoming another great-grandchild into the family.

And then I saw her.

All bundled up in the cutest little navy blanket, with a pink bow around her forehead. Mackenzy looked content, like she knew just how loved and longed for she was by her new mom and dad. And then she yawned and snuggled deeper into her blanket, with her now best mate, Dexter, standing guard right beside her. Every once in a while I would catch the cutest new facial expression I’ve ever seen, and I’d wager a bet that there is nothing more adorable than a baby’s little eyes, ears, nose, fingers, and toes! Is it just me, or does everyone else forget just how little newborns really are when they first arrive?!

Lynsey and Joel, parenthood looks great on you! I know it’s tiring and you may feel like there’s still a lot you have to learn, but that’s what’s great about bringing in a new child into the world. You will continue to learn from each other as years go by and your family continues to grow, but before you know it, Lynsey, you’ll be helping Mackenzy pick out her wedding dress, and Joel, you’ll be walking her down the aisle. Remember to appreciate the little things, and maybe the people-didn’t-tell-us-about-these-not-so-cute things because pretty soon she’ll be running around your house and you’ll be missing those late night, early morning baby snuggles.

Congratulations again and thank you for trusting me to capture this life changing event!