Ten little fingers, ten little toes, and one little button nose….Just as my son is nearing his ninth month of life and launching into eighteen month clothes, I sometimes forget just how little he was when he was born. At the end of May I had the honor of capturing Alex, Kelly, and the newest addition to their family, Jude Michael, and I was instantly brought back to those first few days at home as new parents. Physically you’re recovering from giving birth while you and your husband are both drained from not sleeping, not to mention you’re also trying to figure out this whole “being parents” thing by caring for this tiny human you had no idea you could love so much.

As I pulled up in front of Kelly and Alex’s home, I saw Baby Jude on the front porch snuggling with his grandmother while Kelly looked adoringly at her son with a cup of coffee in hand. Alex was nearby, beaming with nothing but pride at every mention of his son, and even I, a stranger, could tell being a dad meant so much to him already.

You guys, it was beyond perfect.

It’s those small, simple little things that you realize mean so much when you look back at those moments. The little yawns, stretches, and curious eyes are such a gift to witness, and make sure to even cherish the middle of the night, exhausted moments in your adorable nursery. It all goes so fast and days start to blend together, but even so, parenthood is the craziest and most rewarding adventure, and Alex and Kelly, you are beyond naturals. You can tell that God truly meant for this to be your path.

Alex and Kelly, congratulations on your growing family! Jude Michael is such an adorable blessing, and I loved every minute of getting to know all of you in your new “normal”. As a newer parent than most, I’ll just tell you that the laundry and picking up around the house can wait, and to truly cherish those baby snugs every chance you get. You guys are doing amazing, and Baby Jude is so lucky to have you as his parents. Thanks again for choosing me to capture this special beginning in your guys’ lives!