Expecting mama-to-be’s have A LOT on their plate, especially if they already have young ones at home! Not only do you feel drained growing a tiny little being inside you, but you have many “to-dos” to get completed before your new arrival. Knowing how overwhelming it can be, it always makes me ecstatically happy shooting maternity sessions, and the Wilkinson family was no exception! This fun loving, crazy adorable family met me at Chalco to capture this precious time in their lives, and I was beyond honored to not only capture these images but to meet all of them in person.

When little boys arrive before our session, I have to admit I never quite believe they’re as shy as they let on. One reason may be because I now have an 11-month-old rambunctious, climbing, snuggly fella at my house, but also because I see that sly little grin when Mom and Dad aren’t looking. In this case, that sly little grin came with a one eye-open-smiling and giggling little turkey behind it named Logan, who had the most infectious giggle I’ve ever heard! Not only is Logan excited to be a big brother, but I know he will be the BEST big brother having his loving parents as guides to help show him how to best love his soon-to-arrive little partner in crime.

While Logan was taking a break from absolutely crushing it, I grabbed Emma and Bill to capture the first shots of them with their baby girl. Anxious, nervous, but unbelievably excited, I just let them be, so they could take a moment to listen to their baby girl’s strong kicks underneath their resting hands on Emma’s growing belly.


You guys, it was beautiful. And the slight breeze we had that night given directly by God himself as a break from the humidity just made it even more perfect!

Emma and Bill, thank you so much for trusting me to capture this new beginning! It was clear as day how much Logan loves the both of you, and he will make the best big brother! I can’t wait to meet and capture all of you when Baby Girl Wilkinson makes her debut sometime soon! May these photos not only take you back in time to these precious moments, but hopefully they will never let you forget what you felt during this precious time: love for each other, love for your existing family, and everything that’s about to unfold!