The Zoerb family will always have a special place in my heart.

Not only have I known them for over 13 years now, but they’re the kind of people who when you see them for the first time in a while, it’s like no time has passed at all. BOY, do I wish we lived closer than we currently do! Either way, I am so thankful God placed them in my life, and I have absolutely loved seeing their family continually grow over the years! Our family session at Chalco Hills in Omaha was such a joy to shoot!

I first met Nichole (unknowingly!) our senior year of high school when we played against each other in the State Basketball Championship game. Who knew that five months later we would actually meet during one of our first classes as college freshmen! We then found out we lived down the hall from each other and became roommates our sophomore year! I share this story because it’s quite ironic how life happens sometimes and that His plan is always so much better than we could have ever planned for ourselves.

Since we’ve graduated college, Nichole and Ethan have gone on to have four beautiful girls, all with their own unique personalities! Faith, Charity, Grace, and Harbor are beyond lucky to have each other growing up. I have personal experience in knowing that sisters are there for you in good and hard times, and seeing how these kiddos were together, you could tell how much they truly care for each other, even at such a young age. Whether it was the sly smiles behind mom and dad’s back, or the goofy expressions that shortly followed, I loved every moment of it!

Nichole and Ethan, you are SO blessed, and I was beyond honored to be able to capture you and your family at this current stage of your life. The girls are growing up so fast, but the way you are with them speaks volumes of not only you guys as parents, but as people as well. The days are sometimes long, but the years keep flying by faster than I could have ever imagined! May these photos bring you back to their little but big personalities during these beautiful years!